Church Team

The team at Kings Mills Baptist would love to serve you in any way they can. We are excited about connecting people to the Lord, helping them grow in Christ and lead them in serving Christ by serving others. 

  • LEAD PASTOR - We're Looking for one!

    Our previous Lead Pastor felt the Lord's calling to another ministry - we are praying for his success! So, we now found ourselves in the search for our next pastor who will encourage and help train our church to reach the community with the Gospel.  If you're interested in learning more about us and our search click the following links:

    What We Believe

    What's a Typical (when we're in person that is!) Service Like?

    What Are We Looking For In A Pastor?

  • Jeremy Crowe - Ancillary Ministry Director/Youth PASTOR

    Jeremy has a heart for teenagers and our children and desires to see them grow closer in the walk with God.  He leads teens on weekly Bible Studies and coffee meet-ups.  All while serving with his wife, Sarah, in the music ministry and community outreach.  He and Sarah have one child, Malachi.

  • Josh Carter - Worship Leader/OPERATIONS DIRECTOR

    Josh grew up in a military family which allowed him the opportunity to surround himself with godly men and women from across the country and observe different churches perform the Great Commission to their communities.  Josh enjoys serving with his wife, Mary, as they encourage the church to sing songs that are rich in doctrine and theology set to a modern sound that enhances worship. He and Mary have four kids, Matthew, Esther, Nathan, and Ruthanna.