Break-Out Groups

Break-Out Groups are an opportunity to Grow in Christ as we develop in depth conversations about Biblical concepts and topics. These are also a great time to get to know each other better. Each Sunday evening two groups will meet at the church at 6pm. One group will meet in the auditorium and the other will meet in the main level classroom at our annex location next door. 

  • Break-Out Session 2


    Fusion is a great topic about a ministry plan to help people engage from first time guest to active church member. This class focus is all about how individuals fill that role in helping others move through the ministry process. It is one thing to have a plan, it is quite another for all of us to work together to accomplish that purpose. Fusion meets for that purpose starting May 2 in the church auditorium at 7pm.

  • Break-Out Session 1

    Simple Church:

    Join us each Wednesday starting May 2nd in annex location next door to the church. We will be discussing the importance of having a ministry purpose that has clarity, movement, alignment and focus. Please take advantage of this class to find out how we are moving forward as a ministry.